Kristoffer Svenberg lives and works as an artist based in Stockholm; he holds an MA in Fine Art
(Art in the Public Realm) from Konstfack, Stockholm 2011, and a BFA from Gothenburg University
in Photography 2007. Photography, representation and inquiries into ongoing mediation in
connection to socio-political subjects are present in Svenberg's practice

Svenberg is the founder and artistic leader of the project Mallrats. It’s been run through collaborations
with different institutions and groups of people participating from different cities in Sweden. Mallrats
investigates commercial semi-public and private spaces in the city and address them as urban spaces
via workshops and performance-based activities, which critically identify and experiment with
semi-public status.

Svenberg is running the internet profile Colonial Surfer in different forums. A project about the
contemporary globalized world and power structures within the surf industry and its realm. Surfing is
not just a sport but also culture (producer and distributor). In the specific work Secular Surface (Surfing
the Nations), he addresses the problematics of cultural imperialism by joining American and Swedish
Christian missionaries in Sri Lanka. Surfing the Nations is a group of missionary surfers who use this
sport as a tool and a way to reach the unreached in "far away" countries. "To surf, maintain and
conserve already-existing structures. History. Are surfers the New Colonialists?"

Svenberg is a co-founder of The New Beauty Council project 2007-2015 and was running it together
with Thérèse Kristiansson and Annika Enqvist. The New Beauty Council was a collaborative
initiative that used conversations, re-readings, art projects and curatorial methods to analyze public
space - investigated how it could be understood and used. Among other exhibitions and grants, The
New Beauty Council was awarded the SA-prize 2009 for “its valuable contribution to the public
discussion on architecture” by the Swedish Association of Architects (Stockholm).
Recently Svenberg has been working two years as artistic leader and pedagogue for
Museum Museum at Moderna Museet, focusing on projects and workshops in contemporary art for
young adults between 15–25 years old.

"Frågeställningar rörandes perception och representation är på flera sätt närvarande i Kristoffers
konstnärsskap. Poetiska reflektioner varvas med politiska ställningstaganden om hur vi förhåller oss
till medieringen av det offentliga/personliga rummet. Återkommande är ett användande av uttryck och
beteckningar kring "yta". Så som bilden eller språkets ytlighet. Men vad är då denna yta för
I projekt om turism blir delar ur den samtida vågsurfingkulturen till metaforer för hur turister rör sig och
utövar makt. Estetiserade uttalanden om något starkt politiskt laddat inom populärkulturen. Och inte
minst går verket "Ryggsäcken" att se som ett inlägg i en diskussion rörandes estetisering av politik."

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